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Un peu de mots finals [last letters to Xavier's] [14 Mar 2004|11:19pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Professor XCollapse )

RogueCollapse )

JubileeCollapse )

WarrenCollapse )

[[And so Gambit bows out, mesdames et messieurs. He might be back -- it's always a possibility in the topsy-turvy world of craaaaazy RP, but for now, he's doing his own thing, ruling the underworld of the Big Easy and all that. A bientot, chers!]]

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Migration [an Archangel and Gambit narrative] [14 Mar 2004|08:19pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Summary: Backdated a truly obscene amount of time. *wince* Anyway! In which Esther and Beth do a tag-team chronicle of Warren Worthington III's quest to locate one Remy LeBeau, including how the pair spent their Mardi Gras, what caused Warren to bear more resemblance to a parrot than a cockatiel, and why Monsieur LeBeau will be absent from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters until further notice. Also, fair warning: at just over ten pages, this has come perilously close to beating the record for World's Longest Xeno Narrative. *preens! I mean, er.*

It took Warren less than five hours to reach New Orleans and nearly two weeks to find Remy LeBeau.Collapse )

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Postmarked 24.02.04 -- A'dam [12 Mar 2004|12:56am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Hello all! Amanda and I are here in the Netherlands as of February 23rd. It has been a long time since we were here but we get by quite well with the English and German. Amsterdam is great fun, especially when you can move freely! I am very grateful for the image inducer, it has allowed me to see a side of Europe I have not been able to experience before. We miss you all and we both send our love.

Kurt & Amanda
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The "Spring Break is Here! Yay!" party [08 Mar 2004|03:38pm]

((backdated to Saturday - RP by comments!))

For most of the day, the rec room is off-limits to the student body. Inside, Cris, Jubilee, and Rahne work furiously, stringing up streamers, inflating balloons, arranging the tables and chairs just so. Rahne manages to scrounge up a disco ball, of all things, from the empty attic - it'll have to do in place of Ali's usual light show at events like this.

At eight PM, the doors swing open and the music starts. There's an overloaded snack table sitting in one corner, and the girls take turns "DJing" throughout the night - mostly just making sure there's a steady stream of music.
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Narrative. [02 Mar 2004|08:33pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Manuel had been busy. After all, a dead man had no responsibilities, right? He dug deeply into Domino’s past, until he found what he’d been looking for.

Domino’s mother, Beatrice, the leader of the Armajesuits.

She was trying to track down her son, Lazarus, the mutant who would bring the end of all things if he was allowed to live.

Manuel traveled with them for a while, learning what he could about Beatrice and her family and working out ways to carry out his revenge.

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Chamber Returns --narrative-- [25 Feb 2004|01:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Jono Starsmore took off in a run as soon as the mansion was in his sight. He hoped Ang and Sharon were already inside, safe from danger. Surely, they would not have gotten lost as he had. (It wasn't his fault. He wasn't American and was not used to the area.)

He had never realised Salem Center was so far away from New Jersey, but finally he was home.

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[24 Feb 2004|11:34pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

Matt Murdock is a self-appointed guardian of the city. By day, he tries to help the less fortunate in the courtroom. By night, he delivers justice to those who deserve it.

Daredevil spent most nights out on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. But ever since the death of Elektra, he seemed to be out there even more so than before. The good luck charm had given Matt little hope, the day he found it on the roof. For all he knew, she could’ve placed it there before she was murdered. He launched himself into his work—in the courtroom and out on the streets, leaving hardly enough time to rest.

That was okay by him. It left him little time to dwell on things and more time to make sure something like that would not happen again.

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Notice -- [16 Feb 2004|04:00am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Dear students and staff;

I am sorry to announce I am leaving the Institute with my sister Amanda Sefton. The reasons are personal and have nothing to do with any of you, but I am full of regret to have to part with such a fine group of people. I trust the Professor will be finding you substitutes for my German and Acrobatics classes very shortly.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to work and live with you, all of you. I wish I could have had a proper, personal good-bye with so many of you -- Kitty, Jean, Illyana -- but the circumstances will not allow for it. I wish you all the best in your studies and your pursuit of yourselves. Yours sincerely,

Kurt Wagner
the Incredible Nightcrawler

OOC: Yup. Kurt's gone. For now. Log explaining the who, how, and why to be up tomorrow.
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Arriving in an old colleague's inbox... [14 Feb 2004|10:44pm]

To: blue@brotherhood.org
From: xorn@xaviers.edu
Date: Sat Feb 14 2004 01:03
Subj: regarding erik lehnsherr


I have information regarding one Erik Lehnsherr that might be of interest to you. I know you have been looking for him.

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dead on arrival. [14 Feb 2004|04:46am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Fixx knew that she had to get to the past, to stop certain events from happening. She had to find Bishop, first. Once she was able to pick up on him across the astral plane, she used her powers to transport herself to his time.

She found herself in one of the New York City hospitals, laying flat on a gurney. The doctors in the room were just about to call this body’s time of death, when the monitor started beeping steadily again. They looked down at her, in shock.

Well, that was one problem taken care of—now she had to deal with this mess.

OOCCollapse )

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[14 Feb 2004|04:31am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Not wanting to stick around for the weekend's festivities, Franklin borrowed one of the bikes in the garage and headed out to visit a few people he hadn't seen in a while.

This time, however, he had a plan. He wouldn't tell them who he was right away--he didn't know how Reed and Sue Richards would react when he showed up on their doorstep, claiming to be their son, but he had to see them.

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[14 Feb 2004|04:18am]

[ mood | flirty ]

Rogue's not much for sappy cards, but she did bake Nate lots of cookies that she decorated and gave him a few cds of bands that she thought he might like.

There was a note taped to one of them, 2 IOU's for tickets to his favorite band.

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I love you blah blah blah hearts & flowers yadda yadda cupid etc. [14 Feb 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Taped to Wanda's door on Saturday morning is a sad, half-wilted cluster of flowers fished out of Ororo's failed gardening projects. There is most definitely not any slime clinging to them - Mort's taken extra care to cover his tracks on this one - but there is a folded piece of paper tucked among the stems.Collapse )

Bloody stupid holiday or no, he might as well take advantage of the situtation.

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[13 Feb 2004|09:42am]

[ mood | loved ]

What two boys did for Valentines day, for their arch-nemesis, their sweatie. Early because I am a keener, and don’t know when I’ll be around (if I’ll be around .. tomorrow ^^).


Life is hardly a box of chocolates . .Collapse )


and I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine / bouquet of clumsy words ..Collapse )

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New York, New York . . . [Bishop Narrative] [09 Feb 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Bishop is home .. well, as much as anyone place is home. No more crashing out on a couch, forced to listen to Pete entertain his lady "friends" in the next room, no more being surrounded by people speaking; "English", and no more of that incomprehensible monetary system known as pounds. No, Bishop was home, back in New York.

Manhattan to be exact, back to the apartment that he kept here, and relaxing on his couch, watching his TV, and making like everything was right with the world.

Ignoring the fact that he was now a member of the "dumped" club. Ingoring the smirk that Wisdom had permanently plastered to his ugly mug these days. Ingoring that Wisdom was here.

Well, not physically here in the apartment, well, not right now. He was out, doing something .. or someone. Bishop didn’t care, he was busy. Busy, finally getting to see the end of the movie he had been watching when those goons has busted into Tessa’s apartment, and blown up her TV. Oh, and she best not try and pin that on him ..

He sighed, yes, he could ignore all that was wrong with his life, and focus on the movie at hand. He grinned as he watched Arnold rampage across the screen, Bishop did enjoy these Terminator movies.

O.O.CCollapse )

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Le fils prodigue -- a narrative. [09 Feb 2004|08:01pm]

[ mood | smug ]

Three weeks in New Orleans and he'd still managed to evade both Guilds: even Remy was pretty impressed with himself. It had been a good life, a simple life: card tricks for tourists, picking pockets for pocket money, sleeping in Scott's old truck, parked near a cemetary. Granted, he'd taken care as to where he could be seen. First few weeks, he kept to the outskirts of the city, working pit stops and bayou towns; next moving onto the more boring neighborhoods, full of suit-and-tie families just begging to be picked off. It was a challenge, making sure he was still limber enough for the job, but he was pleased to find he could pull it off after seven months with those do-gooders in Westchester. Hey, you're raised on robbery, what do you expect? It's like a bicycle, being Gambit, and you get around.

He let them catch flashes of him, every now and then: two weeks in he sauntered down to the French Quarter and made forty-two dollars off a pair of tourists from Idaho. He laughed, he cajoled, he even juggled a little, and they were always wowed at his sleight of hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Gaspard St.-Sirois scuttling down a back alley, and smiled. He liked being a rumor, and if the likes of him were to be spreading the news, he'd remain one for a few more days at least. Remy took it easy. Gambled a little, won some money, bet some on a cockfight.

His seventeenth night away from Mississippi, he hired a hooker. It was the best sex he'd had since June. Her name was Giselle. That was his first mistake.

Read more...Collapse )

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South for Winter [A Narrative] [09 Feb 2004|04:14am]

Aurora strutted around her new hotel room in some ritzy high rise, walking to the blinds and opening them in one full tug of the string. She smiled to herself as her eyes grazed the New York skyline, feeling at home with the city.

When she awoke days before, she had been overwhelmed with the urge to hop over the border, leaving Canada to those others. She knew they'd come to find her eventually, but for now while she was in the city, she planned on having some fun and causing a little mischief.

She smirked as she crossed the room, unbuttoning her shirt as she entered the bathroom for a long, luxurious bath.

ooc; the canadians are coming! the canadians are coming! er. soon, at least. add alpha_twin [Jean-Paul Beaubier, Northstar], northern_aurora [Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Aurora], and i_go_by_mac [Heather MacNeil].
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An e-mail to the students of Mr. Worthington [08 Feb 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | uneasy ]

Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 00:16:42 GMT
From: w.worthington3@xaviers.edu
To: "My Students" <b.bohusk@xaviers.edu>, (more...)
Subject: Classes for the week of February 9


Hello everyone,

I will be out of town for the majority, if not all, of this upcoming week. Classes will continue as normal; I am in the process of arranging for a substitute. I expect all of you to treat him or her with the same respect you would show me.

For those students in my power control class, I've asked Prof. Munroe to supervise your wind tunnel sessions this week. Keep working on the same principles we've already covered. We'll pick up the slack when I return.

Until next time...


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i don't believe in the end of time. [narrative!] [07 Feb 2004|09:52pm]

Franklin had to backtrack whenever Rachel made her trip across the timestream. He hadn’t been that close to her, but she’d been headed in a different direction, so he had to change course. Now he was on the right course again, closing in on her time.

In the time that had passed, he’d come to understand most things in the universe. He knew things from other realities and from the past, present, and future. Some of the things he learned still didn’t make sense, but they would when he sorted through them--when he had time to think about something other than getting to the beacon of the Phoenix.

Franklin made it to Earth 616’s present time late Saturday afternoon. He did a quick telepathic scan and found Rachel at a school in Westchester, New York. He would be there by nightfall.
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[06 Feb 2004|02:58am]

[ mood | relieved ]

[This was posted early Thursday morning.]

Today (Thursday) and tomorrow will be individual study days for my Latin and Ancient Myths classes. So, that gives you four days to work on homework. If you're having problems with it, bring it to class on Monday and we'll go over it.

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